About Us

Martin Retirement Services, Inc. is a full-service retirement and employee benefits plan design and administration firm. We offer individually tailored plan design and administration services to businesses of all types in the greater National Capital area.

Our organization includes consultants, pension administrators, an actuary, and plan design specialist who work with businesses like yours to provide comprehensive retirement and employee benefit services. 

Martin Retirement Services, Inc. has served the greater National Capital area for over thirty years. We specialize in retirement and employee benefit plans. Let us help you provide great benefits for your employees.

We do not use a cookie cutter approach to retirement and employee benefit plan design and administration. We customize our services to your business needs for today and tomorrow. We provide complete retirement and benefit plan services, including:

  • Plan design--we'll help find the best type of retirement or employee benefit plan for your firm, as well as fine tune it to meet your needs.
  • Plan documents--to ensure your plan meets all government requirements.
  • Summary plan descriptions--a version of the plan document, written in plain English, so that employees understand their rights and responsibilities.
  • Plan enrollment--we'll help explain the advantages of your plan to employees.
  • Employee communications--to help your employees understand the value and importance of their retirement or employee benefits.

Our annual administration services include:

  • Determining the annual contribution amount.
  • Determining the allocation of additional benefits/contributions and earnings each year.
  • Determining vested benefits to be distributed to any terminated, disabled or retiring employees.
  • Performing all required testing.
  • Calculating required minimum distributions.
  • Completing all necessary IRS, Department of Labor, and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation forms.
  • Preparing benefit statements and the Summary Annual Report for participants so they can see how their retirement benefits are growing.
  • Performing any needed actuarial services.

Contact our Plan Consultants to help you choose the right plan for you.